Mariepampoen Angel

This mural that  I am working on is a work in progress and it is part of a series of ‘spontaneous’ street murals I've been doing since 2009 on my home island of Curaçao in the Caribbean. This particular one is a gift to my neighborhood of Mariepampoen were I grew up as a child and I am now residing.

These street-paintings started off as just something I needed to get out of my system. Whenever I had enough paint and enough free time on my hands.  But now they are something I need to do. I consider them a gift that I need to give to everyone that lives around them and sees them on a daily biases and to the community of the island Curaçao in general.

All these walls are carefully chosen ahead of time. While I am driving around my island I am constantly aware or on the lookout for potential walls. I make sure it is a nice visible spot, but one that normally people would not pay attention too. I prefer 'new' walls (walls that have been build within the last 50 or so years) because I respect walls that belong to lets say a monument or an important building with historical value like that of a plantation home. Once a wall is chosen I start to imagine what could go well on it. I always choose an image or a character that fits with the area surrounding the wall because I want this image to represent or inspire its surroundings.

The more of these walls I paint the more I realize how much it influences the people that live nearby it or the people that passes by them daily. I started doing ‘baby angels’ on January 01, 2012 (Hanchi Punda Angel) in the capital of Willemstad, Curaçao. My dream is to hopefully positively influence at least one in ten or one in twenty people who come across these murals. Maybe someone who had a bad day or week or is down for whatever reason and that person sees this mural, now his or her day is maybe made better or the mural helped him/her by giving them a bit of hope.