Marshe di Karni (Meat Market) Trompe L'oeil

'Marshe di Karni' (Meat Market) 2010

This was my second attempt to a Trompe L'eoil (trick of the eye) mural.

Back in the 1800's, the Orange building in the back on the left, was the spot where people all over the island would gather to sell whatever meat they had. whether it be fish, pork or the most popular meat, goat meat.The island of Curaçao was prospering place in that time. This painting is in memory of that period.

I had to merge 3 different pictures in order to get the right image of the goat next to the wall. Three different pictures of three different goats in separate locations around the island. From one of the pictures I got the rope, from another I got the goat itself and from the last one I got the shadow on the wall.